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Vietnam War - America's longest War

The Vietnam War: 1959 to 1975

The Vietnam War was between the communistic North Vietnam and the democratic South Vietnam. North Vietnam attempted to overthrow the South Vietnam and unite Vietnam under one Communistic government. The United States joined the Vietnam War to prevent communism from spreading throughout South East Asia.
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Major Battles and Tactics

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The Vietnam War

A brief history of the Vietnam war:
A brief breakdown of what happened in the Vietnam war. What happen in the Vietnam War from start to finish in one page.

A Vietnam war time line from start to finish:
All the facts of a events that accrued in the Vietnam war. All the fact are listed according to dates and broken down into short facts and no unnecessary extras.

Major Battles of the Vietnam war:

The 77 day siege of Khe Sang in the Vietnam war:
Khe Sanh, a US Marine base, was one of the most remote outposts in Vietnam and was facing a full-scale siege by the North Vietnamese Forces and facing abandonment. It was also one of the longest battles of the Vietnam war

The major battle of Dien Bien Phu in the Vietnam war:
The 55 day battle from March 13 to May 7, 1954, battle between the French and the Viet Minh (Vietnamese Communist forces) that led to the division of Vietnam into North and South Vietnam.

Tactics used in Vietnam war

The nature of the Vietnam war and how it was fought:
The guerilla war tactics of the Vietnam War changed how modern wars were fought. Most hit and run tactics made warfare confusing and complicating.

The tactics of the Tet Offensive used in the Vietnam war:
The Vietnamese change their tactics and launch the Tet Offensive. Find out what it was and why it failed.

The Rolling Thunder bombing champaign used in the Vietnam war:
Rolling Thunder the first Air war and sustained bombing of the Vietnam war. Find out what it was all about and why Rolling Thunder was not so thunderous.

The End of the Vietnam war:

The fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam war:
The fall of Saigon and the mass evacuation of most of Saigon. The fall of the capital saw the end of Americas longest war Vietnam War.

The final outcome of the Vietnam war:
The result of the Vietnam war. Find out the statistics of the Vietnam war and the casualties of both the American and the Vietnamese.


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